A few facts

There are many reasons to decide for a ZonFlex mini power plant. Here comes a little fact check.


In Germany, the share of electricity obtained by renewable energy is increasing year by year. Nevertheless the prices continue to rise. Counteract by producing at least a part of your power needs yourself.

Modular System

The ZonFlex mini power plant is build up modularly. You decide wether you want a plant with 250, 500 or even 1.000 Watts output for your power consumption. The savings increase accordingly.

Supply of basic consumers

Many devices in the household are electricity consumers which need to be supplied with energy 24 hours a day. This includes fridges, freezers, heating, heat pumps, WLAN-Routers, aquariums and so on… Especially these sources are supplied and supported by the ZonFlex mini power plant.

Solar power becomes house electricity

The system is pretty simple. Sunlight produces power in the solar module. This so called direct current is transformed to alternating current by the micro inverter and directly delivered to the household power supply with the AC connection cable.

Act environmentally conscious

Everyone know the sentence: „We don´t want cole-fired - or nuclear power produced energy anymore.“ This is easy said, though a long-standing process, but constant dripping wears the stone. We should get started being active instead of thinking about it.

Energy savings

Even with the smallest ZonFlex250 mini power plant you can earn yearly savings of about 85,00 €**. With the ZonFlex500 with 500 Watts of power it is accordingly about 170,00 €**. **basing on a electricity price calculation of approximately 0,29 kWh (source: BDEW 2014). If the prices continued rising, your savings increase accordingly.

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