Get your piece of independence.

The mobile photovoltaic system for everyone.

The Zonflex mini power plant provides solar power for your ownconsumption.


Unpack - set up - connect - ready

This is how ZonFlex works

Solar power for your ownconsumption.

The ZonFlex mini power plant reduces your power consumption by active internal power production. The gained D.C. will be converted to net compliant A.C. by a micro inverter and supplies the consumers directly through the household power supply. In this way a part of the electric base load is covered and less power is obtained from your energy provider. The installation and connection to the household power supply are pretty straightforward.

Field of application

The ZonFlex mini power plant is mobile and can be installed on classic roofs, garages, garden houses, facades or balconies. Finally also tenants can easily take along their own power producer.


Your savings depend on the amount of sunshine hours, but even with average values, the amortization will take place within 8 years (or even shorter assuming increasing electricity prices). Seen as an investment asset, with the ZonFlex mini power plant profits of 10% per annum are possible.

Network compliance

The ZonFlex mini power plant ist equipped with the legally required enabling device (ENS) according to VDE-AR-N 4105 and thus offers a net- and system protection without any additional, external accessories.

Reach out toward the future

The mobile photovoltaic system is delivered as a complete package and is in running order within a few minutes.